Two Brave Padawans Deflect Patriotic Roman Candle Blasts With Their Lightsabers

American Independence Day is indeed a time for silent, thoughtful reflection on the things that truly makes America one of the greatest countries in the world, but in the same vein it is a time when sketchy vendors on the side of the road hawking their star-spangled explosives in the name of America, leaving Americans with an excess of fireworks to blow off in the weeks to come. This can lead to creative uses of fireworks, including two brothers in North Carolina blasting fireworks at dilapidated boats on national television as a part of #TheFinalDeletion, and it can also lead to viral moments.

As Gizmodo is happy to point out, fireworks and lightsabers are cut from the same cloth. These two young padawans took to the streets with their trusty lightsabers and looked to defend the streets from an onslaught of roman candles. What they discovered is that flashy lightsabers moves are perhaps more difficult than they look in the movies. Not everyone is a meticulously animated Yoda doing barrel rolls and backflips while deflecting blaster bolts.

This was, indeed, a learning experience for everyone involved, as the young padawans learned that simply holding a lightsaber makes you a Jedi not, that it takes great practice to become a master Jedi and that patience is truly a virtue. But still, it is easy to admire their courage and devotion to the Jedi way, as well as America.

These are the kind of heroes that America needs right about now.

(via Gizmodo)