The Real Life Walter White Has Been Caught


The real life Walter White, who like Bryan Cranston's character on "Breaking Bad" has a fondness for meth, was recently captured.

life imitating art

Finally: Australian businessman creating real-life Jurassic park with cloned dinosaur

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It's been 22 years since Michael Crichton gave us the blueprint for cloning dinosaurs, and it's a slap in science's face that no one has actually tried it yet.


Danzig is still acting Danzigy

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In case you're new around here, no, Danzig news isn't, strictly speaking, movie news, but we've long considered it part of our mandate.


"Real-Life Superhero" Phoenix Jones spawns "Real-Life Supervillain" Rex Velvet

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We first met Seattle's "real-life superhero" Phoenix Jones last October when he tried towho's also known as amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor, had a story that paralleled HBO's documentary, Superheroes, about similar, self-appointed superheroes.


Dirk the Penguin recuperating after being kidnapped by drunks

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Dirk the Fairy Penguin is recuperating at his home at Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast today after being kidnapped by drunks in a Hangover-style prank and nearly fed to sharks.

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