Danzig is still acting Danzigy

In case you’re new around here, no, Danzig news isn’t, strictly speaking, movie news, but we’ve long considered it part of our mandate. Our favorite

Security had to physically hold Glenn Danzig back from attacking photographers at Bonnaroo on Saturday. The muscle-bound metal legend’s inner Axl Rose got the best of him eight songs into an early-evening Danzig Legacy set at the Manchester, Tennessee music festival. The Danzig singer, who is, to say the least, a little finicky about having his picture taken, ran offstage and over to an adjacent media area, where he tried to confront photographers before storming off to his backstage trailer in a huff. After a few minutes, Danzig returned to the stage to finish the show.

Photographer Michael W. Bunch, who was shooting the event for the Nashville Scene and was one of four photographers approved to shoot the band from the That Tent photo pit, tells Rolling Stone that photographers were warned that their presence might cause problems with Danzig and his security detail.

“I was told by someone that works for Bonnaroo that, essentially, we could shoot over on the side at our own risk,” Bunch says. “They warned us [that] he’s not a huge fan of being photographed and that his staff might approach us.” It wasn’t long before they did.

“You know you can’t shoot Danzig, right?” Bunch says a Danzig crew member told him during the show. “I saw some people dancing, I was shooting them and then the guy came back over again and he was like, ‘Man, [Glenn] is getting really antsy. You really aren’t shooting him, are you?'” Bunch recalls.

“He was just pointing at me and screaming something about f*cking up the show,” Bunch recalls, “I was confused and amused by it, I guess, because I thought it was absolutely ridiculous … I just stood there thinking, ‘Well, if Danzig really wants to run offstage and tackle me then I’m gonna give him his chance.’ … I feel like it was really a theatrical thing.” [RollingStone]

Danzig? Theatrical? Nooo. I can’t imagine a 50-year-old man with dyed black, mid-back-length hair performing in front of two giant devil’s head standees, singing about demon rape doing anything theatrical. Anyway, having seen Danzig perform recently myself, I can personally attest to seeing him try to kick a guy in the head from the stage, I assume because the guy was taking pictures. But you know what? Seeing Danzig get pissed off and defend his own vanity with physical violence was half the reason I went to the show in the first place. Well, that and the goth sluts.

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Here’s the original, to refresh your memory:

Seeing how much fun people have had at the expense of one picture of him holding kitty litter, you have to admit, the guy might have a point about this “not-wanting-to-be-photographed” business.

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