The Cast Of ‘The Wonder Years’ Is Donating Series Memorabilia To The Smithsonian


Starting Tuesday you'll be able to see Fred Savage's trademark New York Jets jacket at the Smithsonian LIVE AND IN PERSON.

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A Piece Of ‘Star Wars’ Memorabilia Worth $80,000 Turned Up On ‘Antiques Roadshow’

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'Antiques Roadshow' was not expecting a plastic helmet to be worth $80,000. Suckers!

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For Less Than $5, You Can Own This Very Odd Bree Olson Autograph

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This week in 'Strange Things We've Found on eBay,' here's an index card that Bree Olson autographed, possibly for her dad.


The New York Giants Might Have Sold Fans Fake ‘Game Worn’ Eli Manning Gear


A new lawsuit claims that the New York Giants knowingly sold fake 'Game worn' gear so guys like Eli Manning could keep the real stuff.


Christian Laettner’s Duke Jersey Sold For A Buttload Of Cash


The jersey that Duke forward Christian Laettner wore when he made "The Shot" against Kentucky sold last Friday for $119,500.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


You Can Soon Buy Christian Laettner's Duke Jersey That He Wore While Making 'The Shot'

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People will soon have the chance to buy Christian Laettner's Duke jersey that he wore while making 'The Shot' for at least $100,000.


Got $995? You can own John Candy’s bookshelf from Delirious.

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John Candy was taken from us far too early, in 1994, and while we'll never know to what great heights his talent would've eventually carried him, we can buy a small piece of his legacy in the form of this butt ugly bookshelf on craigslist in Santa Monica.


True Story: Oscar Nominees Get Commemorative Sweatshirts

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[picture via eBay] The perks of being an Oscar nominee are numerous and hard to fully calculate.


Jose Canseco On His Home Run Blooper Hat: “It Belongs In A Museum!”

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Following Jose Canseco’s Twitter antics has become a little boring as of late, because he exists somewhere in between outright lunatic and classic Internet troll, and his global warming prophecies of doom and desire to coach lottery winners on how to spend their money – I ain’t kidding, folks – had everything pointing toward the latter.


J.D. Salinger’s Reclusive Toilet Can Be Yours For $1,000,000

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Feel the need to have something that was close to famed author (and virtual hermit) J.


Buy This 61-Cent Check

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Do you like worthless sports memorabilia that's vaguely tied to "The Simpsons.



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William Hermes, a 49-year-old Illinois man, was arrested for selling 1.5 grams of cocaine to a police informant, but lucky for him he's slinging more than just blow these days.



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Sports card enthusiasts and bubblegum chewers will be happy to know that Topps accepted Michael Eisner's $385 million takeover bid yesterday.

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