Jose Canseco On His Home Run Blooper Hat: “It Belongs In A Museum!”

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04.19.12 5 Comments

Following Jose Canseco’s Twitter antics has become a little boring as of late, because he exists somewhere in between outright lunatic and classic Internet troll, and his global warming prophecies of doom and desire to coach lottery winners on how to spend their money – I ain’t kidding, folks – had everything pointing toward the latter. But then yesterday Canseco went on a seemingly crystal meth-fueled rant about haters and racism, and lost in the middle of it was him being flat out busted for using Twitter to hit on girls behind his girlfriend’s back. So that was entertaining.

Speaking of Canseco and Twitter, Heritage Auctions currently has a listing for the Texas Rangers hat that Canseco was wearing on May 26, 1993, when Carlos Martinez hit a fly ball that bounced off of Canseco’s head and over the right field wall for a home run. Canseco is certainly aware that the hat is up for auction, which is why he wants you to know that he doesn’t agree that Martinez deserved a dinger in the stat line.

Debate it all you want, Jose, but that hat is part of one of the greatest baseball bloopers of all-time, so it’s probably going to fetch some good coin. Of course Canseco knows that, though. Otherwise he wouldn’t want the hat back.

(I included that lone response because the #die is so unnecessary yet so funny.)

The hat, which is also autographed, is currently listed at $375 and we won’t know for another week if there’s a reserve amount on the auction. But at $375, that’s a hell of a sweetheart price for a piece of memorabilia that would start hours of conversations. Hold on, my phone is ringing… Oh hey, it’s my girlfriend… What’s that, honey? My nuts in a walnut cracker if I even think about bidding on this? Good news, Jose, this hat might go cheap after all.

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