Masta Ace – “Slow Down” (Prod. by MF DOOM)

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This one should please all the pessimistic hip-hop heads out there.


Cop: The KOBE DOOM T-Shirt

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"I was drinking my own sweat and it tasted like mystery meat seaweed stewed" I may have mixed some of the words up, but that's basically the gist.

#Jay Z

Broken Promises: 12 Potential Collab Albums That Never Released

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On Monday, Lupe Fiasco announced that he and Pharrell will be releasing an album together soon.


Chairman Mao Catches Up With The Real MF DOOM To Discuss…Everything

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MF DOOM sits down with ego trip's Chairman Mao in what may be the longest online video interview in the history of the Internuts.


DOOMSTARKS (Ghostface Killah & DOOM) – “Victory Laps”

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Show of hands, who expected this project to actually happen.

universal music group

Six Out-Of-Print Hip-Hop Albums That We Needed Yesterday

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It never dawned on me that albums ever went out of print until all my CD's were stolen from my dorm room during my freshmen year of college.

Señor Kaos

Upstairs Studio Presents 4-Ize – Professional Ignorant

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The one they call 4-Ize doesn't have a lick of sense but possesses some skills in his microphone endeavors.


The Rap Legacy Of “Friends And Strangers”

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The last couple of weeks have proven to be Hip-Hop Christmas around these here Internets with free projects raining down like dollar bills at your mom's night job.


Madvillain – “Papermill”

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*Straps on backpack* 2003-2004 was the David D.

The Colossus

RJD2 – “The Colossus” Video

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If you're familiar with indie Hip-Hop beat machine RJD2, you already know dude's a beast because of his work with Cage, MF Doom and CunninLynguists, not to mention his own diverse and eclectic collection of albums and instrumentals.


11.7 The Cooler

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Reshika Renee, A Ghetto Princess Everyday A JLo "Sexy Tape" Is Coming Soon [D-Listed] UPS Worker Says He Was Fired For Not Delivering Pot [AOL] 5 Inappropriate Situations To Twitter [College Humor] STPL x Airwalk Terrain [Daily Drop] MF DOOM x Sesame Street [SRD] Teddy Riley Cries Murder… And I Agree.


Controlling The Story…

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Another summer gone, another reminder that I’m getting old.

Unexpected Guests

DOOM’s Unexpected Guests Cover Art & Tracklisting

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Now you already gosh darn well know that I don't know much of anything about DOOM.


Kurious Feat. MC Serch & MF DOOM – “Benneton”

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You'll watch & listen to this because of DOOM (or is that his.

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