Your Daily Funk – “Balcon De La Luna”


<a href=""> I'm not sure if my father is to blame due to the incessant spins of  <a href="">Moonflower</a> growing up, but I've always been susceptible to the grooves emanating from a guitar.


NPR Nancy Crying About Handshakes

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Last time we heard from Grandpa Munster lookalike Frank Deford, he was writing and blabbing for NPR about how <a href="">trick plays are child abuse</a>.


So What Exactly Is A 360 Deal?

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<a href=""> The folks over at NPR have a question/answer column pertaining to the music industry and <a href="">360 deals</a> was topic du jour.


NPR Nancy Boy Decries Trick Plays

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By now, if you have basic Internet, then you’ve seen the clip of Driscoll Middle School’s football team pulling a fast one on their opponents, and if you search “Driscoll Middle School” or even “trick play” on YouTube, you’ll get 400 pages of “Greatest Trick Play Ever” and various other verbal celebrations and tributes.

The Sea


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Since <a href="">public television got some shine</a>, why can't LC's first love get some as well.


“History In The Making…Once Again” – Obama To Appear On Leno

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President Obama sure has no qualms being a trailblazer as he is set to make <a href="">history</a> once again by appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Thursday.


2.13 The Cooler

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Marshette Williams Honoring J Dilla's Music and His Legacy [NPR] If You Laugh You're Going To Hell [Industry Shakedown] 29 Teams, 36 Potential Trades for Amare Stoudemire [Yardbarker] Juelz Santana XXL Outtakes [NR] I Would Totally Have Sex With This Plane [WL] Valentine's Day On a [...].

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