Iconic Hip-Hop DJs Stretch Armstrong And Bobbito Are Reuniting For An NPR Podcast

Everybody has a podcast these days but every once in a while you stumble across a host or two who deserves to have one. And that can definitely be said about Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito. The iconic hip-hop DJs signed off for what was thought to be the last time over 15 years ago. But the duo who made their name via their unmissable slot on Columbia University’s WKCR radio station are returning with a platform that will make sure the pair are bigger than ever.

Thee two DJs held forth with ’90s New York rap icons like the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z and regularly broke artists before infighting caused them to call it quits. However, they seem to have reconciled their differences and are returning as part of NPR’s network of podcasts.

No date for the reunited Stretch and Bobbito program has been set. But heads can catch a glimpse of what to expect via a trailer that they’ve just released. The first glimpse features an appearance from excellent interview subject, rapper and guy El-P. The Run The Jewels rapper helpfully explains the role that the DJs played in the ’90s hip-hop scene.

“We looked up to you guys as the most important thing you could possibly do,” he said.

Check out the trailer up top and get excited.