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Gruesome ‘Breaking Bad’ Deaths To Remind You Not To Get In The Meth Business

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Let's get ready for the 'Better Call Saul' premiere by remembering how people brutally died in Breaking Bad!


Angelina Jolie Was Forced To Make A Video To Prove She Actually Has Chicken Pox

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Ahead of the 'Unbroken' premiere, director Angelina Jolie revealed she won't be able to attend due to chicken pox. Yes, chicken pox.


Season Three Of ‘Arrow’ Premieres Tonight, And We’re Livebloggin’

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'Arrow' is back for a third season, and we're back with the liveblogs.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Seemed A *Little* Cocaine-y The Expendables Premiere

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Mel Gibson has either been doing a lot of coke or is just really weird.


‘Doctor Who’ Has A New Face, A New Trailer, And An Official Premiere Date

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Get ready for the new era of 'Doctor Who' with this teaser trailer announcing the new season.


Here’s The ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Premiere, Streamed Live


'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' is livestreaming Emma Stone on the Internet. Also some other people. Something to do with a movie.

the smurfs

Britney Spears And Katy Perry Put On An Awkward Photo Clinic At The ‘Smurfs 2′ Premiere


I do not have "Britney Spears," "Katy Perry," or "Smurfs 2" Google alerts. Swear.


Phil Spector’s wife sounds super stable

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I didn't follow the Phil Spector murder case all that closely when it happened, and I admit I just assumed it was another Robert Blake/OJ Simpson case, where a dude murdered a female acquaintance and then tried to use the "but I'm famous.

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