Milas Kunis Announced Her Marriage To Ashton Kutcher On ‘Late Late Show’

Mila Kunis appeared on James Corden’s first episode of The Late Late Show with Tom Hanks, and as it turned out, she had bigger news to share than her next movie.

Partway into the interview, the conversation turned to Kunis’ boyfriend and That 70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher. Corden asked what Kutcher is like as a father, and Hanks interrupted, “You mean your hus-Ashton?”

Kunis laughed off the comment, but Corden pushed her on the topic, asking, “Are you married? Did you get married? Have you got married?” She smiled and replied, “Maybe.” Corden asked to inspect her ring finger and confirmed that yes, Kunis was wearing a wedding ring.

Corden ended the segment by promising that after the commercial break, the show would be turning into an impromptu “wedding party” for Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Kutcher, an unexpected surprise for Corden’s Late Late Show premiere.

The Late Late Show will premiere tonight at 12:35 AM, 11:35 PM Central Time.

Source: The Wrap