Season Three Of ‘Arrow’ Premieres Tonight, And We’re Livebloggin’

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10.08.14 298 Comments

Yep, the unexpected tradition that started… two years ago, yeesh, will continue with tonight’s Arrow premiere. But, maybe you’re still getting familiar with the show, or haven’t fully caught up with the second season, yet. So here’s a brief recap of where we are, with a few spoilers for season two.

First off, amazingly everyone made it out alive from the second season finale. Except Ollie’s mom, who got stabbed. But this show has walked back every other shocking death so far, and the bad guy this season has “Get Out of Death Free” as his whole shtick.

That would be Ra’s Al Ghul, head of the League of Assassins. Last season, we discovered Black Canary had a fling with his daughter that she’s still not over. When your ex is a master assassin who has a bunch of other assassins working for her, that can be kind of a problem. Canary went back willingly to the Assassins in exchange for their help defeating last season’s big bad, Deathstroke.

Also important are Ollie and Diggle’s connections to ARGUS, which runs the Suicide Squad with a skinny lady who is not Amanda Waller. It turns out that in addition to Diggle’s time with ARGUS, Ollie was recruited by them and they got him the hell off Flashback Island and to Hong Kong, revealed in the finale. Which raises the question of why he was back there in the pilot.

Diggle, this season, is dealing with the fallout of knocking up his ex-wife, Lyla. So basically, Twitter will all be DILF jokes this season. Speaking of dads, Malcolm Merlyn turned out to not be dead after all, and abducted Thea to teach her how to kill people.

Meanwhile, Roy continues to wear hoodies, and Laurel continues to be just the worst. Here’s a season preview!

The shenanigans start at 8pm EST around here. Join us, won’t you?

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