Gruesome ‘Breaking Bad’ Deaths To Remind You Not To Get In The Meth Business

If Breaking Bad taught us one thing it’s that the meth business can get messy. It may be lucrative, but that allure balances out with a high mortality rate. These eight gruesome deaths in particular should properly prepare everyone for some of the impending madness that Better Call Saul may have in store.

All the Breaking Bad spoilers ahead…

Tortuga’s head rides a tortoise.

Emilio Koyama gets an acid bath (even though he was already killed by poisonous gas).

Spooge takes an ATM to the face (and yes, that sounds much dirtier than it is).

Jane chokes on her own vomit during overdose (and Walt just watches). Interesting side note: Bryan Cranston has a daughter who was the same age as Jane during the filming of this scene, and claims he got so choked up because he imagined it being her.

Gus uses a box cutter on Victor to demonstrate that he is not a man to be trifled with.

Gus becomes Two-Face.

All the prison murders ordered by “Heisenberg.” Each one is worse than the last.

Mike’s gets shot by Walt. Not so much “gruesome” as devastating. At least his final words lived up to the beloved character.

On a final note from YouTube User ReserviorBasterds, here’s the ultimate compilation of all the deaths from Breaking Bad. 

And now to wildly speculate which of these characters will rise from the dead during Sunday night’s Better Call Saul premiere.