‘Jurassic World’ producer started a box office turf war with George Lucas at ‘Star Wars’ premiere


It”s a Star Wars news-aplooza this week, with more information and sound bites than you can shake Rey”s staff at. Between two world premieres and a ton of interviews, the cast and crew of “The Force Awakens” have given more quotes than a single human could parse*.

*If they value sleep and sanity.

One of the moments that slipped through the cracks? A joking(?) moment between George Lucas and “Jurassic World” producer Frank Marshall during the world premiere of “The Force Awakens.” At the 45 minute mark of the red carpet broadcast, George Lucas steps up for a quick interview with the hosts. Right as he”s about to leave, Marshall jumps in from OUT OF NOWHERE to give a half-jovial, half “That”s a nice movie you have there, shame if something were to happen to it” comment about the box office dominance of “Jurassic World.”

Frank Marshall: “You”re not going to beat my movie are you? ‘Jurassic” is number one. Remember that.”

George Lucas: “The job they have is to crush you, like a bug.”

Sure they were (probably) joking, but the internet can”t let such a perfect professional beef like that go without some memeification. Within hours of the back-and-forth, this video – courtesy of Full of Sith – appeared. A tiny bit of editing and suddenly you have the biggest turf war in movie history.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes for the box office title on December 18.

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