Premiere: Felly Plays The Hero In The Neon Horror Film For ‘Desert Eagle’

Some rappers have success handed to them, while others earn their stripes with hard work. Felly appears to be of the latter category, offering a surprisingly clever video for “Desert Eagle” that reinforces how ingenuity has been the key to his success all along.

As an underage bedroom beatmaker, this Connecticut-born artist earned 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and eventually coupled his beat-making prowess with his own carefree rap style, earning millions of streams along the way. After a few years, Fel moved across the country and went to USC for college, where he studied the music business, started his label and began touring the country.

With his long-term vision coming closer to fruition by the day, the scraggly-haired spitter is prepping the release of his Young Fel EP, his biggest and most-anticipated release to date. Given the high expectations, the first visual had to be just right. However, instead of blowing their budget for “Desert Eagle,” Felly and his 2273RECORDS crew got creative and delivered a some sort of neon western horror flick, which plays as an ideal compliment to his wavy SoundCloud killing single with label mate GYYPS.

“The ‘Desert Eagle’ video is a dope lil story we put together based off many old western classics,” Felly told us via email when asked about the making of his cult-movie-style video. “The squad came together to shoot it out in the desert hills of Southern California and we took on the roles of modern day cowboys. We do view ourselves as modern day cowboys to some extent. We travel the country, run rampant through cities, and live freely.”

He continued, “The song was inspired by feelings of this freedom sort of dissipating. y’all ready know this country a bit f*cked up right now – were not trying to get swept up in that negativity. That’s what this song is about and the video is just a play on ridding yourself of the slimeballs around you.”

Considering Felly is only 20-years-old, produces his own music and already has a fanbase capable of supporting his career moving forward, eye-popping ideas shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

The Young Fel EP is available for download on iTunes and was already a top 25 album on the overall iTunes chart. Sounds about right.