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You Must Watch This ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Magician Blow Your Mind, And Then Pull It Out Of His Sleeve

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A Canadian magician traveled all the way to the UK to audition for 'Britain's Got Talent,' and demonstrates that the trip was COMPLETELY worth it. Wow.


Watch This 79-Year Old Ballroom Dancer Kill It On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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Simon Cowell was served a heaping slice of humble pie by 79-year old Paddy and her dance partner Nico on 'Britain's Got Talent.'


The List Of Highest-Paid Television Personalities Will Make You Want To Scream, As Always

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Forbes released their annual list of highest-paid television personalities today, which is topped by Simon Cowell.


Very Good Sentence Alert: ‘However, I Am Not Sorry For Pelting Simon Cowell With Eggs’

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The woman who threw eggs at Simon Cowell on "Britain's Got Talent" wrote an essay for The Guardian to explain why she's not sorry.


Watch A Woman Throw Eggs At Simon Cowell On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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As the winning act from Britain's Got Talent performed, a jilted contestant threw eggs at Simon Cowell and the other judges.


Morgan Spurlock is directing a 3D One Direction film. Wait, what?

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Since I don't watch American Idol or keep track of the 15 shows on network TV dedicated to karaoke, I knew One Direction mainly as that group of hair-farming milk babies from a Drew Brees commercial.


Move Over, Everyone Else: ‘X Factor’ Fans Really Loathe The St. Louis Cardinals

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Here’s what I know from my very limited knowledge and actual viewing history of Fox’s hit show, The X Factor: It is a glorified episode of MTV’s Cribs, in that they spend more time gawking at the celebrity judges’ homes than they do making children cry.

HACKS And Simon Cowell Want To Find The Next Steve Jobs Using A Reality Show, Of Course

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Simon Cowell and think they're tech geniuses. They'll spend a lot of someone else's money proving that wrong.

Britney Spears

Meet Jillian Jensen, The 'X-Factor' Contestant Who Made Everybody Cry

By | 38 Comments

Last night on 'X Factor,' Britney Spears made a ton of faces and a contestant made everyone cry (including Simon).

Britney Spears

Jillian Jensen's Tear-Inducing Audition on 'The X Factor'


Jillian Jensen brings the crowd and judges -- including Simon Cowell -- to tears with her story and rendition of "Who You Are" on The X Factor.


Forbes List of Highest Paid Celebrities Dominated by Awful People

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The annual Forbes list of highest paid celebrities prove once again that we most reward the worst in entertainment.

michael jackson

Prepare Yourself For Amy Winehouse And Elvis Holograms On ‘The X Factor’


You haven't heard "Thriller" until you've heard it sung by Hologram Michael Jackson and an amateur vocalist.


Jennifer Lopez Is the Most Powerful Person Alive, May Leave 'American Idol'

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Forbes released their annual <a href="">list of the most powerful celebrities in the world</a> earlier this week, and this year their very scientific algorithms revealed that "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez took home the title.

Brick-Wielding Woman Breaks Into Simon Cowell’s House, Fails Her Assignment

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The story that’s going around today about Simon Cowell is that: A woman charged with breaking into the west London home of ["The X Factor" host] and wielding a broken brick was remanded in custody on Monday and will return to court on June 12.


Eight Minutes of ‘The X Factor’

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Here's the eight-minute preview of "The X Factor" that I think ran on Fox yesterday.


Simon Cowell Is F’n Weird

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With the debut of the American "X Factor" looming, <a href="" target="_blank">GQ profiled Simon Cowell</a> for its most recent issue, and hoo boy are there some oddities that stick out.


Cheryl Cole Either Re-Hired or Still Fired from ‘X Factor’

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There have been a slew of rumors about Cheryl Cole since she was reportedly fired four days into filming the U.

nicole scherzinger

Cheryl Cole Out at ‘X Factor’; Replaced by American Cheryl Cole

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Although Fox has yet to confirm it, various sources are saying that Cheryl Cole is out as a judge on the American "X Factor," and that she'll be replaced with Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussycat Doll/"Dancing with the Stars" champ who was originally signed to be the show's co-host (Scherzinger has been a guest judge on the British "X Factor").

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