‘Powers’ Gets A Release Date And A Poster

By | 6 Comments

'Powers,' after years in the works, finally arrives.


‘Chappie’ Looks Like A Lot Like ‘RoboCop’ In Its New Trailer

By | 16 Comments

It's a trailer about a robot police officer who discovers his humanity and fights a giant bipedal boondoggle of a robot. Yep, it's 'Chappie!'

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‘The Interview’ Pulls In $31 Million From V.O.D, But Is Still In The Red

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While pulling in $31 million from V.O.D is impressive in itself, 'The Interview' still has a long way to go to see any profits.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Walkman ZX2

By | 48 Comments

Sony has brought back the Walkman. But it's not the Walkman you remember. Here's what you need to know.

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Sony’s ‘Playstation Now’ Will Finally Bring Top PS3 Games To The PS4 This Month

By | 10 Comments

Sony is finally launching it's Netflix-like game streaming service in a little over a week.

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Microsoft Has Freed Up More Xbox One Processing Power, Putting It In Line With The PS4

By | 36 Comments

Some recent multiplatform games have actually performed better on Xbox One. What's the deal?

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Is Lena Dunham Responsible For The Sony Hack? Maybe!

By | 13 Comments

Lena Dunham is obviously the person who hacked Sony. Send her to Guantanamo and cancel Girls immediately.

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Patriotic Theatergoers Sang ‘Proud To Be An American’ Before Watching ‘The Interview’

By | 4 Comments

Alamo Drafthouse patrons sang along to "Proud to be an American" before a screening of 'The Interview'.

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Sony Will Likely Release ‘The Interview’ On YouTube Christmas Day

By | 5 Comments

First it looked like nobody was going to see 'The Interview,' ever, now everybody is going to be able to see it. Hooray!


The ‘Today’ Show ‘Manhandled’ Then Booted Amy Adams For The Dumbest Reason

By | 53 Comments

Amy Adams, there to discuss her movie 'Big Eyes,' said she'd 'prefer' not to answers questions about Sony.


North Korea Is Currently Experiencing A ‘Massive Internet Outage’

By | 47 Comments

A country that barely has electricity has no internet, according to reports.

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Here’s How Sony Could Release ‘The Interview’ Without Going Through Theaters Or Netflix

By | 15 Comments

Now that Sony has canceled the theatrical release for 'The Interview', VOD options are on the table, but could Sony stay in-house?

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Hustler Video Plans To Bring ‘The Interview’ Back To Life With A Brand New Porn Parody

By | 9 Comments

In the wake of Sony pulling the movie from theaters, Larry Flynt has announced plans to produce a new porn parody based on 'The Interview.'

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