Three Sony PlayStation Games Are Getting TV Adaptations At Netflix And Amazon

Gone are the days where TV show concepts come from books and movies, now they are coming from video games. Sony announced this week that three of their biggest PlayStation franchises would soon be developed into shows for both Netflix and Amazon.

During Sony’s business briefing, the corporation confirmed that they are working on three adaptations of the very popular titles: God Of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo.

The Greek God-inspired epic God Of War will be adapted into a series from Amazon, while Horizon, the vibrant RPG that made a lot of men mad for literally no reason, was picked up by Netflix, which has been dipping its toes into video game adaptations as of late.

Gran Turismo does not have a confirmed streaming service quite yet, and it’s unclear just exactly how they are going to make a compelling series out of a racing game. Maybe a massive movie franchise would be better.

Rumors have been swirling for the past few months, as many originally expected Amazon to pick up God Of War, though they seem to have been beaten out by Netflix, which is a rare win for the streamer who has been struggling this year. Maybe they will bring in some sort of Exploding Kittens crossover to the Gods!