John Wall Thinks He’s A Rock Star, Does A Stage Dive

John Wall is still a basketball player, right? So why is he doing a stage dive?


John Wall Floats Past Courtney Lee In Transition For Beautiful Finger Roll

Kyrie Irving's 57-point masterpiece overshadowed all other Thursday night performances in the NBA, and rightfully so. But the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar wasn't the only Eastern Conference point guard who put on a show.


‘F*ck Brooklyn!’ Raptors GM Masai Ujiri Says He’ll Yell It Again If Given The Chance

Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri made headlines – and nearly incited a riot – last spring when he closed remarks at a pre-game rally prior to his team's playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets by shouting "F*uck Brooklyn!" And despite a $25,000 reprimand from the league, Ujiri says he'll do it again if given the chance come April.


Get That Outta Here! Nerlens Noel Comes From Weak Side To Swat Nene’s Hook Shot Out Of Bounds

Nerlens Noel averaged 1.0 block per game in November. He swatted 1.5 shots in December, 2.2 in January, and is notching an impressive 2.8 blocks in February. Just what will the Philadelphia 76ers rookie rim-protector do for March?


Paul Pierce Says His Knee Is Fine Because You ‘Can’t Break Steel’


Paul Pierce banged his knee against a Dubs player right as the game ended. He informed reporters his knee was fine in trademark Pierce fashion.


Paul Pierce Turns Back The Clock To Block Harrison Barnes’ Dunk In Transition

That Paul Pierce hit a left block turnaround over Harrison Barnes is hardly surprising – The Truth will be making that shot at will for decades to come. His block of the Golden State Warriors high-flier on the other end, though, certainly left us close to shocked.


Watch Reggie Jackson Puke While Starting 0-For-8 In His Pistons Debut

Reggie Jackson got off to an inauspicious debut for the Pistons on Sunday in Detroit, shooting 0-for-8 and puking on the sideline.


Watch Andre Drummond Snuff Out Marcin Gortat’s Dunk Attempt At Its Peak

Earlier arguments the Wizards couldn't beat the cream of the Eastern Conference might need to be amended after the 23-33 Pistons handled them as easily as Andre Drummond handled Marcin Gortat's dunk attempt in the second half.


Report: Wizards Trade Andre Miller To Kings For Ramon Sessions


Andre Miller's quietly excellent career is almost over. And though he'll finish it out of the playoff race, the 38 year-old will also do so playing for the coach who recently helped him revive it. According to a report, the Washington Wizards are sending Miller to the Sacramento Kings to be reunited with George Karl in exchange for Ramon Sessions.

#Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Is The Baddest Now: ‘I’m A D*ck. I Don’t Talk To The Other Team’


Kevin Durant talks about his "hater" demeanor with GQ and takes a between-the-lines shot at Thunder management for trading James Harden.


Video: John Wall Asks State Farm Officials To Join Assist Team During All-Star Game

Chris Paul's National Bureau of Assists team already boasts a stellar starting five, but depth matters in the insurance game just like it does on the hardwood. And considering John Wall is the league-leader in dimes per game, he'd no doubt make a pretty good Sixth Man.


Media Darling John Wall Says Negative Reporter Coverage Is ‘Part Of Their Job’

Kevin Durant openly dislikes the media, but not all stars of the younger generation has such a fractured relationship with the reporters who cover them. Asked his thoughts about the role of media in wake of the reigning MVP's incendiary comments, John Wall defended the group so many of his peers have grown to disrespect.


DeMar DeRozan Hits The Game-Winner To Beat The Wizards

The Raptors and the Wizards played their last game before the week-long All-Star break, and off-guard, DeMar DeRozan, who did not get a repeat invite to the main event hit the game-winner with under 15 seconds to play.


John Wall Dishes Fancy, Behind-The-Back Dime To Nene For The Flush

There aren't many like him in the league, and John Wall proved once again last night he was one of the best open-court players in the Association with a tasty behind-the-back dime to Nene for the slam.


Video: John Wall Shakes Al Horford, Finishes With Acrobatic Lefty Reverse

There are few big men better able to stay with guards off the dribble than Al Horford.


Here’s How NBA History Would’ve Changed If Kobe Bryant Went To The Washington Wizards In 2004


Kobe wanted to play for the Wizards here's what that would have changed around the NBA


Kobe Bryant Says He Longed To Join Michael Jordan, Wizards In Early 2000s

It's easy and convenient to forget now, but there was a time that Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant didn't "bleed purple and gold." In a sprawling story by Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Mamba confirms that he longed to team with idol Michael Jordan on the Washington Wizards in the early 2000s.

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