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Bryan Cranston’s Amazing Zinger About ‘The Killing’ (And The Morning Links)

By 07.30.12

That, my friends, is a burn, even with the torrents of rain falling from above. (Via)

Meme Watch: Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth Wants Those Darn Olympics Off Her Lawn — (Uproxx)

Due To IMDb Policy Change, The Dark Knight Rises Is The 10th Greatest Film Of All-Time — (Uproxx)

10 Things You Should Know About Step Up: Revolution — (Film Drunk)

Sports On TV: Full House’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments — (With Leather)

That Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Nobody Wanted Is Probably, Thankfully Dead — (Gamma Squad)

Question Of The Day: Who’s The Most Overrated Rapper Out Right Now? — (Smoking Section)

KSK Kommenter Draft: New Olympic ‘Sports’ — (KSK)

The Watch Review: Ben Stiller Still Doesn’t Understand the Role of a Straight Man — (Pajiba)

16 Delightfully Naughty Censor Bar GIFs To Brighten Your Day — (BuzzFeed)

The Ralph Wiggum Super-Cut You’ve Been Waiting For — (Huffington Post)

Tom Arnold and 2Pac shake hands… as a youngish Will Ferrell looks on? — (The Daily What)

The Gotham Olympics 2016 — (College Humor)

21 Countries With One Olympic Medal — (Mental Floss)

What happened to Michael Phelps? 5 theories — (The Week)

What the Hell Happened to These ’90s Mega-Celebs? — (HyperVocal)

The 11 best examples of the ‘Ermahgerd’ meme — (Death + Taxes)

Mel Brooks, 86, on his philosophy of directing comedy — (Fark)

Seven Movies That Made Me Afraid Of Babysitters And Babysitting — (Unreality Mag)

Tragedy on Maryland Freeway: Budweiser Truck Spills 77,000 Pounds of Beer — (Bro Bible)

And apropos of nothing, other than I saw it on Reddit:


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