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20 Neat Facts, Cool Allusions, Instances Of Foreshadowing, And Theories On ‘Breaking Bad’

By 08.02.12

16. Cool Allusion: The third episode of the second season, “Bit By a Dead Bee,” is an homage to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

17. Foreshadowing: In case you missed it in Cajun Boy’s recap this week, Madrigal Electromotive was introduced way back in season three, in a commercial for Pollos Hermanos.

18. Foreshadowing: Here’s a picture of the young Hector Salamanca, sitting on a chair of wheels, years before the old Hector Salamanca would be relegated to a wheelchair.

19. Possible Theory: Again, we know that Vince Gillian almost never does something for no reason, although this theory is almost too obvious for Gilligan. We know that he’s described the show as a cross between Goodbye, Mr. Chips and Scarface. We also know that, in the last episode, Walt was watching Scarface and ad-libbed the line, “Everybody dies in this movie.” It would be too easy to draw a connection between that and an ending with a possible shootout in which everybody dies except for the fact that in the season five premiere, Walt buys a machine gun. What was Tony Montana using when he died in a blaze of bullets? A machine gun. Foreshadowing? Maybe. But even if it is, Gilligan would likely subvert it the Scarface ending, possibly combining it with a faux-Sopranos ending: Fade to black before the shootout, a la Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Or fade to black for 20 seconds, dupe everyone into thinking that’s the end of the series, then flash forward to moments after the shootout when everyone is lying in a puddle of their own blood.

20. Possible Theory: OR, Gilligan calls back to his obvious Tarantino influence: Mr. Pink (Jesse) flees with the loot; wounded after a Mexican stand-off, Mr. White (Walt) is cradling the cop Mr. Orange (Hank). Mr. White takes aim at Mr. Orange. The cops bust in and shots are fired. Fade to black before we know exactly who dies.

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