10 Things We Learned from Last Night's Episode of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

By: 09.19.12  •  99 Comments

6. What Is Up with the Documents in the Safe? — Assuming that it is Clay responsible for the invasion of his own home as a means at getting at the contents of his safe, what is the relevance? It’s a marriage certificate and the birth certificate of Thomas Wayne Teller, who was the brother of Jax’s who died of a family heart problem. Or did he? More secrets? Does anyone have any illuminating insights?

7. Stop With the Flared Nostrils, Damnit — At least three times an episode, Jax flares his nostrils and curls his lip. It drives me f**king crazy. There are other ways to express anger, dude.

8. These White Boys Are Resourceful — Damon Pope had limited screen time this week, but his plan to get SAMCRO in jail worked out in the end. I think Damon, however, has some begrudging respect for the Sons. I wonder if he’ll run with that thread?

9. How’d I Do? The big news of the night, really, was that Opie has returned to the fold, taking a pot-shot at Roosevelt to ensure he goes to jail with Jax, where he can protect him. BROMANCE! It was the talk Clay had with Opie — and the fact that Clay came clean (kind of) — that turned him. Opie also left his kids with Lyla and confessed to her that he doesn’t really love anyone (EXCEPT JAX). I suppose that establishes that Lyla and the kids are still in play, and therefore, in danger of Damon Pope. Also, Lyla is still in the lady-on-lady porn biz.

10. In Next Week’s Episode, Jax Will Flare His Nostrils Again — Ugh. Stop it, dude. There’s definitely going to be a scrape with the Niners, though.

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