‘SNL’ Recap: Charlize Theron Cannot Sing (Or Host)

By: 05.11.14  •  18 Comments

Weekend Update: Barbara Walters

We all agree that Breaking Nudes never happened, right? Right.

Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle

Now I’m really sad Bobby didn’t do last week’s Donald Sterling cold open as Drunk Uncle.

Pet Rescue

Oh, SNL, you crafty bastards: don’t think we won’t pay attention when there are adorable kittens on-stAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW. LOOK AT HIS LITTLE PAWS. Ahem. Anyway, “Pet Rescue” was the perfect sketch for Charlize because she had to play “off,” which suits her much better than “beautiful.” Though the real star here was Damian, that feline sociopath.


Very nice. What at first seems like your standard “what’s the deal with tourists?” turns into an unexpectedly lovely hidden-camera short film about out-of-towners who give directions, think they’re in Chicago, and walk away from their camera. I like Kyle Mooney a lot, but having the entire cast get involved was the right call, if only to see Charlize go full Norbit.

The Black Keys, “Bullet In the Brain”

I wish the Black Keys had appeared in one of the sketches. They’re noted jokesters.

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