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‘Talking Bread’ Proves That Chris Hardwick Will Host Almost Any Talk Show

By 08.07.14

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I’m pretty sure this will either be the funniest thing you watch this evening or it will be the worst. There can’t be much middle ground here, especially considering a topic as divisive as bread. But what Talking Bread does is prove that Chris Hardwick will host any of these panel discussion type shows, even for stupid bits on Conan.

Along for the ride is Tig Notaro and Andy Daly, who personally stole the show for me for getting upset over confusing Michael Jackson with Stevie wonder and then making up over it by eating a breadstick with Hardwick. It’s like a weird, selfish version of Lady and the Tramp, but with bread.

The only thing missing here is an in memoriam reel for all the bread that we lost this week. That would make it the perfect parody of Talking Dead.

(Via Team Coco)

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