Where Has Craig Kilborn Been Hiding For The Last Decade?

By: 08.08.14


There were rumors in 2011 that Kilborn might return to television in a primetime sitcom he would write and star in for ABC, but nothing ever materialized. The following year it looked like Kilborn was possibly again poised for a comeback, this time as the new comedy face for CNN after several news outlets reported that he had shot a satirical news pilot for the network. The pilot was part of new CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s plan to bring on new programming, which also included Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Again, this resulted in nada for Craig.

We didn’t see anything new on television from Kilborn in 2013, but he did step in to guest host Artie Lange’s radio show for three episodes in November. As for what 2014 Craig Kilborn has been up to, his latest acting credit to date is a spoof film called The Extendables where he plays the appropriately titled character “Kilborn.” If you can make it all the way through the trailer, congrats, you’re a stronger man than I am.

As for what the future holds for Kibly, it’s really anyone’s guess. The late night circuit is already too bloated and he’s got a great voice for radio, so maybe something that takes him back to his broadcasting roots? Until the day Craig Kilborn takes a break from his jazz radio and Turner Classic Movies we’ll have to enjoy the occasional vintage Daily Show or Late Late Show clip. I’ll leave you with this one of him interviewing Mitch Hedberg.

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