GIF Of Thrones Recap: ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’

04.08.13 5 years ago 696 Comments

Nearly every line from “Dark Wings, Dark Words” could be emblazoned on a quote-of-the-day calender or poster that will appear in TV show dorm room for decades; it was that clever of an episode. In terms of forwarding the plot, not much happens — Bran & Co. meet the Reeds, Jamie and Brienne fight, Jon and Samwell walk around beyond the Wall, etc. — but that’s mainly because we’re not sure where the story is taking us yet (though a convergence at Riverrun seems likely).

The writing was so superb, so witty, so devilish (thank George R.R. Martin, obviously, but also Vanessa Taylor), though, that you’re completely entranced by the journey, by Joffrey’s sexual perversity, by Arya’s big bark, smaller bite. Game of Thrones isn’t a show about the big moments; it’s about the small details that lead to events like Blackwater, and a lot of engaging background was filled in with “Dark Wings.” Also, Hodor.

No dragon CGI porn this week, but we do get a three-eyed crow, last seen in the Game of Thrones promo that told us nothing. It should have, though — why not just SAY that Bran’s going to dream about his two brothers and hear his dad father’s voice whisper through the trees and meet a stranger who’s very important? But I GUESS HBO’s decision to not spoil everything in a dumb advertisement works, too. (Via)

Rickon, as useful as ever. (Via)

More like Hunkrey, amirite, ladies? Cersei’s learning the hard way that if you treat your spoiled rotten sh*t of a son like he’s the greatest thing since super measles wiped out thousands of King’s Landing commoners, he’s going to act like a spoiled rotten sh*t of a son. (Via)

Which would you pay more money to see: a Queen of Thorns vs. Violet Crawley old lady sass-off… (Via)

…or a buddy comedy about Jaime proving to Brienne that you should NEVER let your guide be your conscience? It’s close, but I’m going with a third option I just made up: Not-Lady Brienne and the Kingslayer…meeting Michonne and her two zombies on the road, and they fight to the death. Or second death, as it were. (Via)

Sansa’s the REAL Stark bitch. (Via)

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