Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Returning To TV To Host A Variety Show

03.28.13 4 Comments

You know how every now and then you’ll see a headline like “Turtle Hang-Glides Across Grand Canyon” and your whole body will freeze up for a second while you try to make sense of it, but then you click on the link and read the story and it turns out it was just some guy named, like, Steve Turtle who did it, and everything actually makes sense? That’s kind of what’s happening here: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is returning to TV to host a variety show. But not quite the way you think.

The former 3rd Rock from the Sun star is set to host a variety show based on his collaborative site, hitReCord, for Participant Media’s newly announced cable network, pivot.

The series, HitRECord on TV!, will feature contributions—like films, live performances, animation and more—from online community members, which Levitt will select, piece together and present on-air, the network announced at its upfront presentation in New York City today. [EW]

See, when I see the words “Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to host a variety show,” my brain immediately goes to Sonny and Cher, not some hip, collaborative thingybopper (industry term) on an upstart cable network, so I had this image in my mind of a sky blue tuxedo-wearing JGL saying “Please welcome Englebert Humperdinck to the stage!” into a very skinny skinny microphone while Burt Reynolds chats up some starlet and smokes a Lucky Strike on an orange love seat in the background. (NOTE: Would watch.) But no, this version makes much more sense. Unfortunately.

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