The Most Burning Questions We Have After Last Night’s Thrilling ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Premiere

10.13.14 3 years ago 116 Comments
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Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “No Sanctuary,” was one of the tightest, most economical, and thrilling episodes in the entire run of the Robert Kirkman series. There was no fat on that episode: It started strong, answered our most pressing questions, and then Carol came in all G.I. Jane on Terminus, floored the gas, and kicked the episode into a higher gear.

It didn’t come down from that turbo speed until everyone that was in that cattle car came out alive, and Terminus was on fire.


Take-charge Rick and the rest of the survivors had one woman to thank: Carol Peletier, who ironically wasn’t even supposed to be in the series. Her comic-book counterpoint took her own life early on in the graphic novels, and even her character was supposed to die in season three (had she not lobbied to spare her character, T. Dogg might have ended up saving everyone last night). Carol, however, brought the hurt.


After escaping from Terminus, we also got three amazing reunions. On the Troy Barnes Scale of EMOTIONS, they are ranked:

1. Carol and DarylI don’t care if Daryl is gay, and I don’t care if Carol and Daryl are ever romantically linked. All I know is that Carol and Daryl have more affection for each other than any other two characters on this show, and every ounce of that showed in their reunion. That was understated and perfect.


2. Rick and Lil Ass Kicker — This one felt good, too, diminished only by the fact that Baby Judith probably didn’t give a rat’s ass because it just means a different person carrying her around in a front pack. WHY IS THAT CRAZY MAN WITH A BEARD RUNNING TOWARD ME?


3. Tyreese and Sasha — It’s been so long that these to have seen each other that I damn near forgot they were brother and sister until last night. It’s good to see them back together, too.


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