No One Is More Disappointed About Trump’s Immigration Flip-Flop Than Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter’s faith in the Republican nominee has been shaken over the past week. The conservative author has made the media rounds to vent her frustration about the 2016 election. She seems to be worried about the GOP’s chances in future elections, and she has threatened to cancel her pro-Trump book tour after Donald Trump’s team warmed up the public about a potential flip-flopping on the immigration issue. But it looks as if she is still not done venting her frustration.

For more than a year, the Republican nominee for president vowed to solve America’s illegal immigration problem by deporting non-citizens and building a wall around Mexico. It was a pillar of his early campaign, but he seems to be softening that stance. On Wednesday, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity he would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country if they paid back taxes and admitted it may be unreasonable to boot everyone from the country.

It’s a 180 from his previous take-no-prisoners attitude and many are upset, including Coulter. She suggested his comments orchestrated “sounded very consultant” and were not his true feelings. But possibly canceling her book tour wasn’t enough as she unleashed a tweet storm that revealed her deep disappointment:

One Twitter user’s reaction summarized many of Coulter’s Twitter replies.

Coulter has been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters, with her faith has seemed to be shaken over the Donald’s recent policy shift. But most likely, she will still have his back come November.

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