Anonymous Turns Up Its Attack On Donald Trump To ‘Total War’

Back in December, there were some questions about whether the mysterious hacker collective Anonymous was targeting Donald Trump, by crashing the Trump Tower website. This was apparently because of Trump’s comments about Muslims.

Now it looks like Anonymous is reviving last year’s #OpTrump. They released the video above on Monday, and invited everyone to join an April 1 operation to crash various Trump related websites. The mission statement starts at around 2:17.

This is a call to you–we need you to shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand. We are encouraging every able person with a computer watching this video to participate in this operation. You do not need to know how to hack to support this important operation. If you are able to re-upload this video to your channel, you will help to give this operation the momentum it needs. Share this video. This is not a warning–this is a declaration of total war. Operation Trump engaged.

According to Engadget, Anonymous plans to target the following websites on April 1:

Using the #OpTrump hashtag, the collective is asking for help to bring down on April 1. It also plans to target personal and business sites like,, and the candidate’s online presidential destinations including and

In case you were wondering why they’re doing this, Anonymous says it’s tired of Trump appealing to people’s worst instincts to gain power. Sounds similar to that open letter from Human of New York’s Brandon Stanton.

What an election this is turning out to be.

(via Engadget)