Anonymous Makes Good On Its Donald Trump Threat And Releases Its First Assault – Video

The cyber vigilantes who gather under the Anonymous moniker recently declared “total war” on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, although many wondered whether they could possibly do any damage to the teflon candidate. He has a habit of seemingly taking himself down yet still rising in the polls while soaring towards the GOP nomination. Anonymous quietly observed from the sidelines before deciding that traditional political maneuverings weren’t enough to stop a candidate with such divisive viewpoints. The threat was regarded with chuckles, but they’ve made good on their abilities to gather information that Trump doesn’t want out there.

On Thursday, someone claiming to belong to the hacktivist group uploaded the first batch of private Trump data, which could only be the beginning, or perhaps this is all they have. But Anonymous has now proven the ability and willingness to carry out their threats. In the info dump, the hackers posted Trump’s Social Security number and several other bits and pieces, mostly including phone numbers and addresses for Trump and his associates. More menacingly, the list of data includes the names of his children, which are (of course) publicly known, but their presence on the roster only adds to the perceived threat. The group is calling this release part of #‎OpWhiteRose, and Trump is sure to have a reaction.

Here’s the video released by Anonymous, which contains more threats and links to the info dumps (on Pastebin and Ghostbin pages) in the YouTube description. The voice on the video accuses Trump of a fascist agenda:

“Now is the time to unite to fight fascism to show that we are very serious to stop any proposed Fourth Reich by the fascist Donald Trump. We have attached a gift of sortsthat might be able to insist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator. These are provided for informational purposes only.”

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