The Most Successful Hacks Attributed To Anonymous Might Have You Thinking Of A New Password

Anonymous is seemingly legion, and when the international hacktivist group comes together behind an idea, very little can be done to stop them. They have taken down government websites, entire networks, and have used their abilities to expose child sex rings. Anonymous has an eye for helping out the little guy. When coaches and others covered up a rape by high school football players in Stuebenville, Ohio – anonymous was there, exposing the truth. When the Ugandan government considered passing an anti-homosexuality law that permitted capital punishment – Anonymous brought down the government’s website and disrupted the entire culture. Now, with Donald Trump surging towards the White House, Anon has acquired his Social Security number as well as a plethora of other morsels of personal information, and dumped it all in the dark recesses of the internet.

While the majority of their actions involve DDoS attacks that freeze servers by clogging up bandwidth, these hacks range from mere inconvenience to serious security breach. Sometimes little happens to their target, but the underlying theme is awareness. Anonymous has hacked many companies and individuals in their time, with some extremely important and successful results. These are the top 5 most successful hacks by Anonymous.