Watch Bernie Sanders Walk Out Of An Interview With A Local Reporter Who ‘Had More Than Four Minutes’

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders waded into potentially contentious waters during his Thursday evening interview on The Rachel Maddow show, but those headlines are nothing compared to another media moment captured by a local Arizona news crew. Toward the end of a brief interview with 12 News reporter Brahm Resnick, Sanders suddenly ended the meeting and excused himself from the room. However, Resnick didn’t take too kindly to the Vermont senator’s abrupt departure and engaged in a brief verbal tussle with him.

It all began when the reporter asked Sanders about his wife, Jane Sanders, and her impromptu meeting with the nationally notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Before Resnick could even get a question in, however, Sanders interrupted to point out that what Arpaio did was an “outrage” and then delivered a brief set of talking points aimed at the Arizona figure’s anti-immigration stance. The senator then railed against rival Hillary Clinton‘s criticisms of his focus on education, said “thank you very much” and ended the interview.

“Would you expect the spot as vice president?” Resnick tried to ask as Sander stood up and removed his mic. When he said “thank you very much” again, the reporter quipped that he was “the first candidate who has ever walked away.”

That’s when the fun began:

“I didn’t walk away,” Sanders shot back. “I told you you had four minutes, you had more than four minutes. I didn’t walk away. You persisted.”

“I’m a reporter. That’s what we do,” Resnick replied.

After a beat, Sanders prodded Resnick again: “Don’t say I walked away. You got four minutes.”

“We’re not going to squabble over this,” Resnick responded.

The two men didn’t “squabble” over the matter, as Sanders left so quickly that there wasn’t really any time for there to be any squabbling.

Other outlets noted that 12 News didn’t post the full interview at first, which caused many to question whether or not it had actually been four minutes long. However, the NBC affiliate finally posted the full clip to its website. The full run-time clocks in at 4:42, but Sanders doesn’t move to leave until the four-minute mark.

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(12 News via Talking Points Memo)