One Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Compares His Town Hall Plan To ‘Jeffrey Dahmer Hosting A Town Hall On The Joy of Cooking’

In what could be considered Bill Cosby’s take on O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It, the comedian and alleged sex offender is going on a post-mistrial tour to educate young people about how to avoid being accused of sexual assault. The plan raised a few eyebrows and prompted a visceral reaction from one of the 50 women who accused Cosby of sexual assault, taking issue with the comedy legend’s new publicity lap. While chatting with CNN, Linda Kirkpatrick said that Cosby’s proposed tour is like “Jeffrey Dahmer hosting a town hall meeting on the joy of cooking.”

Cosby’s town halls are “especially” aimed at “young athletes,” who are apparently in danger of the ire of victimized women. Cosby’s team explained that the youth of today “need to know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying. When they’re doing certain things that they shouldn’t be doing.” According to Cosby spokeswoman Ebonee Benson, “anything at this point can be considered sexual assault.”

During her interview with CNN, Kirkpatrick wore a pink button that reads “We Stand In Truth,” which other Cosby accusers have also worn in solidarity with one another. Her story is similar to that of many of the other women who have come forward about alleged assaults by Cosby. In 1981, Linda Kirkpatrick was a 25 year old tennis player in Las Vegas for a tournament, and she played against Cosby. She says Cosby invited her to his show afterwards and once there, he gave her a mystery drink. She alleges that after she had about half of it, he tried forcibly kissing her several times and began pushing himself on top of her in his dressing room.

That’s rather more forward than the “brush against the shoulder” that Cosby’s camp say could be construed as assault thanks to changing laws and lengthening statues of limitations during which victims can press charges. With statements like those, it’s clear the kitchen won’t be cooling off any time soon, and neither will the national debate on rape culture.

(Via CNN)