‘The Daily Show’ Sent Jordan Klepper To Another Trump Rally And It’s Equal Parts Terrifying And Uproarious

If you’ve been to a Trump rally in the past, you realize the entire event is going to carry a carnival atmosphere no matter where it shows up around the nation. It’s a weird experience, but you can experience it all from the safety of your own home thanks to The Daily Show and correspondent Jordan Klepper. The show has sent Klepper to Trump rallies in the past, uncovering some rabid conspiracies along the way. But the latest foray into Trump territory might be the most memorable one yet, made all the more interesting by the fact that they are campaign rallies for Trump’s 2020 re-election bid.

This particular rally happens in Nashville, Tennessee, and features a quality selection of individuals who don’t mind referring to black protestors as cockroaches, think that Michelle Obama is really a man, and believe that Islam is evil and aiming to turn America into the Middle East. They also won’t be caught dead watching Ellen or any other lesbians that happen to host television programs.

The one thing that is for sure, especially at this point in his administration, is that most of the attendees to Trump’s rallies are “his people.” Protestors are kept out, supporters are let in, and most of the ironic curiosities were put to rest after Election Day. That’s why they will support something like Trumpcare without knowing any of the particulars within the healthcare plan. It says Trump and that means it’s great, at least enough to make you overlook all the bad parts.

(Via The Daily Show)