Donald Trump Says You Won’t See His Tax Returns Until His Audit’s Completed

We already know how much money Donald Trump has donated to charity (it’s anything but ‘huge’), but do we know how much Trump makes? It’s standard protocol for presidential candidates to release their tax information, but the GOP nominee is the only one who hasn’t done so yet, and that’s because he’s being audited by the IRS. No, Donald, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a German car like Peter Griffin thought.

Trump was on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday and he said that he would like to release his tax information, but he can’t until the audit is finished and he has no idea if it will be completed by the time November rolls around.

Apparently, Trump’s tax returns are not like his hands. Trump said on Meet the Press, “I have very big tax returns, I’m sure you’ve seen the picture where the returns are literally from the floor to up to here. They’re extremely complex.”

Trump then spoke of his wealth.

“My financials show I’m worth more than $10 billion by any stretch of the imagination. Tremendous cash flow. You don’t learn much from tax returns. But I would love to give the tax returns. But I can’t do it until I’m finished with the audit.”

Last July, a press release from Trump claimed that he made $362 million in 2014, but this was revenue, not income. However, according to FortuneTrump might not be in the billionaire boys club like he thinks he is, so that $10 billion figure could very well be a lot smaller.

(Via: USA Today/NBC News)