Donald Trump Turns To The Disney Princess Defense To Quash His Star Of David Scandal


Just as Donald Trump’s praise of Saddam Hussein seemed as though it was primed to overtake the controversy over his use of what some believe to be a Star of David in a tweet about Hillary Clinton the Republican candidate has brought focus back to what he alleges was a Sheriff’s star (or a plain star). And this time, he’s going with the Disney Princess Defense by pointing to an activity book for the animated film, Frozen. Trump even used the #Frozen hashtag, so calling all cars for all Frozen fans who are so obsessed that they’re still checking the hashtag for a three-year-old movie on the regular (no, you let it go).

To look at the Frozen sticker book, you can see that the shape is the same. I, a member of the media, can admit that. Of course, Walt Disney didn’t have the greatest reputation when it came to his view of the Jewish people. And there are, of course, those rumors that his head was… Frozen, so… is this an Illuminati thing? I don’t know. Seems like this couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

SAD! I didn’t see Frozen but I assume Clinton just referenced it. She didn’t go with the #Frozen hashtag, though, so fans of the film (who presumably would get that joke) aren’t being included. Again, SAD. Also, at least Trump’s tweet was entertaining. Everyone else is so concerned with politics because who we choose as the leader of the free world (and our country) matters a great deal in the grand scheme of things, but what about who will make us laugh the most? We’re losing a top shelf showman in Barack Obama. Great orator, pretty decent comedy chops when he pops up on the late night comedy shows… or web chat shows… or reruns of Degrassi. Can we really trust Trump or Hillary to wow us with their antics? I don’t know, but Tweet-offs like this… dear God help us all.