Elizabeth Warren Wonders If Donald Trump Is A ‘Lousy Businessman’ In New Attack Ad

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who even Wall Street is afraid of, is taking on Donald Trump again. But this time, she isn’t just demanding that he delete his Twitter account. Now she’s starring in an attack ad produced by MoveOn.org that attempts to poke a hole in the Trump mythology by making a persuasive argument that he is not a good businessman, for the White House or in general.

At the start of the ad, which you can watch above, Warren goes after Trump on the fact that he’s the first presidential nominee in 40 years who won’t disclose his tax returns. After clips of other politicians saying that Trump must be hiding something, Warren nonchalantly says, “Look, maybe he’s just a lousy businessman who doesn’t want you to find out that he’s worth a whole lot less money than he claims,” which seems like it might be true of his general election campaign, at least. She then brings up the last time Trump’s returns came out in public, showing that he took advantage of loopholes to pay $0 in federal taxes, and that he has bragged about avoiding taxes, because he doesn’t want to throw his money down the drain.

So why should we care about this? Warren explains that Trump didn’t become a billionaire on his own, but that the success of his businesses relies on roads, workers, and a police and military force that the rest of us funded by paying taxes. And that successful people like Trump have a duty to pay something forward, so that future generations can build “something terrific” too.

Throughout, Warren compares us, the common folk who pay our fair share of taxes with the likes of Donald Trump. “He inherited a fortune from his father, and kept it going by scamming people, declaring bankruptcy, and skipping out on what he owed,” she says.

She then predicts that Trump will try to bully her on Twitter to keep her and others silent, and thus urges us to speak out instead. “Ask your Fox News-loving Republican uncle: Why do you pay your taxes, but Donald Trump doesn’t?” she suggests. Hopefully, your Republican uncle wouldn’t reply that if he were Trump, he would do the very same thing. As for Trump and his Twitter account, he hasn’t gone back to calling Warren Pocahontas yet, switching gears to go after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on her economic qualifications.

(h/t Raw Story)