Elon Musk Joins The #DeleteFacebook Movement By Wiping Out The SpaceX And Tesla Pages

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Mark Zuckerberg’s bad month keeps getting worse after Facebook disabled the profile of a whistleblower who revealed the data breach that led to Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of 50 million user profiles. In addition to legal troubles that will haunt Zuck aplenty, he’s also lost billions due to tanking stock amid the #DeleteFacebook movement. To add even further insult to injury, the Whatsapp founder who made millions from Facebook recently joined the movement, and now, another billionaire — none other than Elon Musk — is piling on as well.

Yes, the ultra rich are particularly talented at firing the cattiest shots at each other, and this may be no exception. Even though Musk makes no secret of fanboy-ing all over Twitter, it’s notable that he dissed Facebook fairly hard. When a Twitter user challenged him to delete the SpaceX Facebook page, Musk agreed to do so while pretending that he had no idea it existed.

And when he was asked to do the same for the Tesla page, Musk responded, “Definitely. Looks lame anyway.”

Musk then delivered upon his promise. Did he take all the proper steps to truly #DeleteFacebook? No one knows for sure, but the impact of such a breezily portrayed deletion will resonate.

From one billionaire to another, Musk doesn’t appear to be showing sympathy for Zuckerberg’s woes. The latter finally revealed that he was sort-of concerned about the movement, but belated apologies won’t easy fix a mess that’s been years in the making. Indeed, Facebook will have to fight long and hard to regain user trust after this scandal.