This Senator’s Cringe-Worthy ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ Cover Ruins A Hillary Clinton Rally

While Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich were busy conspiring against their party rival and front-runner, Donald Trump, Democratic White House hopeful (and possible Kochs brother favorite) Hillary Clinton held a rally in Delaware with the state’s senior senator, Tom Carper. The senator took the stage ahead of the former Secretary of State to rouse the crowd, and in a moment that channeled his inner Howard Dean, he tried to lead everyone in a rendition of the late Donna Summer’s 1983 classic, “She Works Hard for the Money.” It went about as well as you can imagine.

Carper started by praising the singer as a diva, then asking the crowd to chant “Donna,” “Summer” and “diva” on three separate beats. Before anyone had a chance to figure out with the senator was doing, however, he immediately suggested they all sing a few lines of “She Works Hard for the Money” to introduce Clinton.

“We’re going to channel Donna Summer here for a minute, okay? Here we go. Here we go… She works hard for the money. We’re going to say it together. She works hard for the money, so we better… All right, let’s do it. Tomorrow, we’re going to treat her right tomorrow.”

By saying “treat her right tomorrow,” Carper was, of course, referencing the Delaware Democratic primary on Tuesday, April 26. Considering the performance both Clinton and her Republican counterpart, Trump staged in the New York primary, there’s a good chance that Delaware will treat the former New York senator right.

According to ABC News, Clinton came out after Carper’s… erm… exciting remarks and thanked him for his “wonderful friendship” over the years. However, she didn’t have anything to say about his song and dance, Summer, or whether she actually works hard for the money.

(Via ABC News)