James Deen Continues To Be Under Fire As More Accusations From The Adult Film World Are Revealed

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James Deen, adult film’s former golden boy, is continuing to be crushed under the weight of sexual assault allegations by his former scene partners, girlfriends and other adult industry professionals. Yesterday, we detailed the accounts of Amber Rayne, Kora Peters and Joanna Angel. Today, another woman has come forward to add to the accusations against the man that The Daily Beast has dubbed The Bill Cosby of porn.

Vocativ spoke with Lily LaBeau, a performer who’s done several scenes with Deen. Like Amber Rayne, who needed emergency medical attention following a scene with the accused star, LaBeau says that Deen assaulted her when they were both in a scheduled scene together, as well as during a shoot in which he was not supposed to participate.

Here’s what Labeau told Vocativ about a scene she performed with Deen in which they were supposed to be more romantic than aggressive with each other, something that fellow performer Derrick Pierce confirms:

“The first thing he does is he walks over, I’m tied up, and he spits in my eye. It just went from zero to sixty, just degrading,” she said. “To just start a scene by spitting in someone’s eye, especially for a more vanilla company, he knows they can’t use that.” Pierce confirmed that this happened and that they had to cut it from the final product. “I just remember with that scene having to cut, cut, cut,” said LaBeau. “‘No can’t do that, no can’t do that.’ It was getting ridiculous.”

According to Pierce, Deen allegedly doesn’t like limits, and this was apparently even more evident in a scene LaBeau shot for Kink.com — one of the companies that ended their relationship with Deen this week — where she was a submissive in a live stream event. Deen wasn’t one of the paid performers, but put himself into the scene and tried to use an electric cattle prod on Labeau, something that was off-limits for her and had been negotiated beforehand.

In the video, she is shown screaming to Deen, “It’s on my ‘no,’ it’s on my ‘no.’” Deen pulls the device away and a voice can be heard off-camera saying, incredulously, “The sound of the cattle prod? The sound of the cattle prod is on your no?” to which LaBeau moans in answer, “Yes.”

The scene eventually continued, but according to LaBeau, Deen hit her so hard at one point that her jaw locked and the shooting had to be stopped. Deen was asked to leave the scene after the actress asked for help, but LaBeau says she continued working with him because of his status in the industry. She told Vocativ that she hopes that the scene would be used as evidence for the need for “better safeguards to protect performers,” and that Deen isn’t the first or only performer to abuse female stars. According to her, “he’s just the worst.”

One more woman, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Vocativ that working with Deen was incredibly intense and could be violent. While other male performers try to make the female talent comfortable during BDSM scenes, Deen, she says, would make even the most tame and romantic scenes painful.

(Via Vocativ)