Jeb Bush Shows Off His Gun On Twitter And People Are Not Impressed

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush posted a very interesting image on his official Twitter page on Tuesday. The tweeted image, whose caption simply reads, “America,” displays what appears to be the former Florida governor’s personal Glock pistol. The device even has Jeb’s name and past title etched into it, which suggests he’s had it at least since he left the state’s gubernatorial offices in 2007.

Why did Jeb post this particular photo and caption today? Considering that the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) official Twitter account liked the tweet almost immediately, it’s a sure bet that the governor is trying to amp up his otherwise minute presidential campaign’s public image. After all, we’re talking about a candidate most famous for recently defending his brother and former president, George W. Bush against current party front-runner Donald Trump. That, and the fact that he begged a crowd in New Hampshire to “please clap” after a speech he gave before the state’s pivotal primary.

So aside from the NRA, what did the rest of Twitter think about Jeb’s attempted display of Second Amendment favoritism and machismo? Unsurprisingly, not that much. Not because they hated or disagreed with it, per se (although many did), but because no one took Jeb’s tweet all that seriously.

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