Kanye West Adds A Splash Of Pink To His Already Blond Hair

It looks like Kanye West has decided to change his hair color once again. After debuting his new blond hairdo weeks ago, the rap genius popped up on the scene with a splash of pink added to his closely cropped cut while on an outing to the movie theater in Los Angeles.

Kanye’s kept a relatively low profile over the past few weeks since spending eight days at UCLA Medical Center reportedly for exhaustion, sleep deprivation and a host of other issues. But, each time he shown up in public since then, it has created a spectacle. The biggest, of course, was his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss “life” and other topics. He was also spotted taking in a Rick Owens furniture exhibition in Hollywood, which is where and how the world first got a glimpse of his new ‘do, and he has sparked an odd clone theory online as well.

Of course, everything Kanye does is going to draw attention and scrutiny. But maybe the bigger focus should be on the fact that he’s getting back to doing regular things, like going to the movies, instead of the which color highlights he’s added to his hair this week. A healthy Kanye is the most important “old Kanye” for the moment.

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