Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson Diagnoses Hillary Clinton With Brain Damage

On Thursday, Donald Trump spokesperson and human gaffe machine Katrina Pierson appeared on MSNBC to discuss conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health with anchor Kristen Welker. In recent days, Trump’s campaign has been ramping up efforts to cast doubt on Clinton’s physical fitness, insinuating that the Democratic presidential nominee is seriously ill. Pierson pushed the rumors:

“[Donald Trump] has said that she doesn’t have the strength or the stamina for a very long time. That part is nothing new. What’s new are the other reports of the observations of Hillary Clinton’s behavior and mannerisms… as well as her dysphasia, the fact that she’s fallen, she has had a concussion, there are really interesting things out there.”

“Wait, wait. There is no indication that she has fallen, let’s just step back for one second,” Welker said. The anchor read a statement from Clinton’s long-time physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who wrote that Clinton “is in excellent health” and that any allegedly leaked documents to the contrary “are false, were not written by me and are not based on any medical facts.”

Pierson shot back that the campaign wasn’t “talking about her health record,” rather they were focused on behavioral observations. “It is extremely important to note that Hillary Clinton has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail. It is something that needs to be addressed,” Pierson said. “She hasn’t had a press conference this year.”

Dysphasia is a language disorder “marked by deficiency in the generation of speech, and sometimes also in its comprehension, due to brain disease or damage.” Conspiracy theorists have claimed for months that Hillary is dying or has brain damage, and that last rumor has been associated with Karl Rove.

(Via The Daily Beast)