A Meteor Fireball Exploded Over Michigan And Lit Up The Night Sky In An Incredible Flash Of Light

Metro Detroit and the surrounding areas of Michigan witnessed the night sky light up as bright as day when a meteor burned up in the atmosphere and burst, creating an astonishing moment on video. Residents of Detroit reported hearing a loud boom following the flash of light, which was captured on video across the state. After thousands of confused Michiganders took to social media wondering what just happened, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it was a meteor fireball.

Here’s video:

The fireball meteor had people wondering if they went crazy, to making jokes about an incoming ballistic missile after the latest happenings in Hawaii. As time went on, more and more videos of the fireball went up, showing a brief moment when it illuminated everything for miles.

The American Meteor Society calls this phenomenon a “train” which typically takes place around 65 kilometers up in the atmosphere. Hundreds of meteor fireballs happen each year, with these particular fireballs exploding and fragmenting with a “terminal flash” at the end. Various reports have come out of the Detroit area, so far unconfirmed, saying that the meteor may have landed in Lake Michigan.

People from the Detroit area have reported that the sky is now somewhat glowing in an eerie fashion. People from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio have reported seeing the flash.