Nancy Pelosi Sat Stony-Faced During Trump’s State Of The Union Address, And Everyone Noticed

President Trump’s first State Of The Union address, so far, has revolved largely around economics. He’s bragged about “massive tax cuts,” low unemployment, and the (generally) rising stock market. As is typical, the event is a highly partisan one with Republicans delivering countless standing ovations and most Democrats either clapping politely or sitting on their hands in protest. No one, however, was less impressed than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Her displeasure was obvious, and Twitter lit up in a divided manner. Those who were enjoying the speech (including like Bill O’Reilly, Newt Gingrich, and Ann Coulter) described Pelosi’s expression in an unflattering manner.

Yet others felt Pelosi’s pain and expressed solidarity with her.

This went down during in the first chunk of Trump’s speech, which has been more teleprompted and positive than many people would expect. In other controversial news, Melania broke sort-of tradition by traveling without her husband to Capitol Hill, and Trump departed the White House only a few minutes before his speech was scheduled to begin. Whatever happens next, the night is sure to be a long one with plenty of congressional rebuttals (official and otherwise), along with late-night network and cable coverage to come.