The Oregon Militia Doesn’t Seem To Enjoy The ‘Hate-Filled’ Gifts They’re Receiving

Anti-Government Protestors Occupy National Wildlife Refuge In Oregon
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The Oregon militia continues its occupation of a federal building (a bird sanctuary) after arriving on January 2. Ammon Bundy and friends ran through their initial provisions and made tasty snack begs, but they scarfed those down and dropped a more detailed list of requests. From shaving cream to tampons, three types of cigarettes, and even money, these guys aren’t shy about speaking their wants and needs. They don’t seem to realize what they’re fighting for other than “freedom from tyranny,” but they’ve got all the time in the world.

#YallQaeda isn’t being ignored by the public. Folks are sending care packages, but they’re also trolling these guys hard. Former U.S. Marine Jon Ritzheimer has a message for the jokesters. Ritzheimer is a quite a character in his own right. He’s the guy who posted a goodbye video to his family, which inspired the #DaddySworeAnOath meme. The sight of Ritzheimer waving a pocket version of the constitution was bizarre, but he tries to be taken seriously. He wants folks to know that provisions are appreciated, but the “ridiculous things” like this “bag of dicks” is not welcomed. Here’s his video message, and then we’ll dig into this guy’s history:


Ritzheimer doesn’t understand why people will waste money on “hate hate hate,” but he doesn’t exactly love his fellow man. He’s an anti-Muslim organizer who’s attracted negative attention from the government (mainly the FBI). He hails from Arizona and “says he gets by on his veterans’ disability pay, and that he’s ‘lucky to have a wife who works.'” This is why he has the time to hang in Oregon with the militia.

Ritzheimer may seem hilarious, but there’s something unsettling about the man in this next video. He speaks to CAIR (the Council for American-Islamic Relations):

“This is my response to CAIR (A terrorist group) who reported me to the FBI for shooting up a Quran and claiming they are living in fear. FBI, I got nothing to hide. Semper Fi to all my brothers. Be ready for vengeance and be ready to drink beer from the skulls of our enemy. I am the Infidel Allah warned you about!”

His expression in the clip goes from jovial to threatening.

(Via Jon Ritzheimer on Facebook and Al-Jazeera)

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