Meghan McCain Praises Ronan Farrow As A ‘Paradigm Shifter’ After Exposing Trump’s Latest Apparent Affair

Ronan Farrow stopped by The View on Friday morning just hours after the New Yorker published his explosive report on Donald Trump allegedly carrying on a nine month long affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal for nine months back in 2006 — and the various tactics that were used to prevent her from speaking out. The White House denies the story calling it “fake news,” but Farrow stood by his piece to the panel, explaining his process of obtaining the story in detail.

Later in the segment, conservative Meghan McCain (although no Trump supporter, herself) heaped praise on Farrow as a journalist, calling him a “paradigm shifter” for his style of reporting. “I think this is a story the public has a right to know, and I do believe it,” she said. “But I do question whether or not this will move the needle with Trump supporters because people know who this man is.” She then pointed out that it was a well known, if not alleged fact that Trump cheated on his wives before he was elected, and asked Farrow whether or not he thought it would make a difference to his supporters.

“It’s not for me to say, Meghan, what will or won’t move voters,” Farrow replied. “What I can say is this: Karen McDougal, who took great risks to speak out, said she was doing it because she had witnessed over the last year woman after woman come forward to expose the tactics used by powerful men to shut up women. And she said that she hoped that this might inspire other women to come forward, that every woman that speaks is paving the way. So I don’t know what moves the needle and that’s not my job to move the needle, but I do think women who speak can have a powerful effect on this country.”

Fielding a followup from Joy Behar on whether or not McDougal would come on The View herself to tell her story, Farrow found it unlikely. While he admitted that her contract with A.M.I. supposedly now allows her to respond to journalistic inquires, she and her lawyers still don’t 100 percent believe the letter of the contract and are still afraid to speak out.