Russia Shows Off Test-Launch Footage Of Its ‘Satan 2’ Long-Range Missile

Vladimir Putin kicked off March by nuking Florida in a demonstration video to boast about Russia’s new “invincible” weapons. Then, the month somehow grew more dramatic with the U.S., Britain, NATO, and Russia all expelling diplomats after the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy. Amid this chaos, Trump still congratulated Putin on his election win. And how is Putin closing the month? His country test-launched a missile that’s been named “Satan 2” by NATO, and Russia’s Foreign Ministry released the footage for all to witness.

The footage shows the (officially-named RS-28 Sarmat) missile, which is an intercontinental ballistic weapon, blasting off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Satan 2 has actually been in development for years and is said to be able to easily reach either U.S. coast and take out an area the size of Texas. The timing of this footage’s release, however, appears to be no mere coincidence, as tensions continue to confirm that we’re hurtling toward a new Cold War.

The Satan 2 is reportedly capable of carrying a warhead that weighs up to 100 tons, and its range could approach 7000 miles. This ominous video, which shows enormous billows of smoke and flames rising up from the snow, is clearly meant to send a message, which only reinforces recent reports that Trump’s national security advisors warned him, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.”

As of now, the White House has not officially reacted to this footage, but NBC News reported on Thursday that Trump confronted Putin on nukes during their recent phone call: “If you want to have an arms race we can do that, but I’ll win.”

(Via Russian Foreign Ministry, Fox News & CNN)