Samantha Bee Interviews Glenn Beck And Comes To A Horrifying Realization

As Donald Trump officially takes hold as president, it’s time to drop those silly complaints and learn to deal with this new reality. For Samantha Bee, that involves sitting down with Glenn Beck and attempting to come to some sort of agreement on their similarities and differences. What she discovers is that they’re really not too different and Beck is probably the godfather of her cynical television nature.

I’d say Jon Stewart has a hand in that, but the realization is a little frightening for Bee. But it’s comedy gold for all us watching, especially considering that this is Glenn Beck 2.0 or 3.0 at this point and it’s almost like peeking into an alternate dimension. Gone is the Glenn Beck who was comparing Obama to the Nazis and claiming America was walking down the path of Ancient Rome. He’s been replaced by a Beck who wants to understand Black Lives Matter, is donating toys and food to illegal immigrants on the border, and actually supported Hillary Clinton in opposition to Trump in the election.

He gained a lot of heat from his followers — all who apparently hate Bee with a passion — and seems to be on the outs as a Republican soothsayer. Beck had to have expected it after he called Donald Trump a psychopath and labeled him ‘dangerously unhinged.’ You don’t really get away with that kind of stuff unless you’re willing to embarrass yourself publicly to win back favor with the president-elect.

Bee shows a short clip to end the show after thanking Beck for trusting her to handle sharp objects. It deals with Beck calling Clinton a ‘stereotypical b*tch’ back in 2007, something Bee takes exception to because it’s painting b*tches with a very wide brush. It’s kinda like comparing Glenn Beck to a crazy person during those days. Nothing but a pile of letters and rolls of toilet paper would hit your mailbox, all asking not to be compared to that guy.

All that aside, New Glenn Beck is still going to take some getting used to.

(Via Full Frontal)