Susan Sarandon Confirms She ‘Literally Had The Worst Time’ Watching Sanders’ DNC Speech

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On night one of the Democratic convention, Bernie Sanders delivered an unwavering case for why the party should unify and elect Hillary Clinton. This followed up on Sanders’ recent talk show tour, but those Sanders fans are a stubborn bunch. They booed him upon his arrival speech and continued on the convention floor. Once his evening speech began, however, the negative ruckus was largely drowned out by pro-Hillary cheers, which were likely spurred on by Sarah Silverman’s tough love.

Sanders pushed through his speech even though he was visibly worried that his followers would destroy all chances of unity. His speech was mostly successful, and the reception likely swayed some at-home viewers. Undoubtedly, there were pockets of dissent in the crowd. One of them happened to be Susan Sarandon, who spent part of Monday calling the DNC “disgusting” for favoring Clinton over Sanders, which the Wikileaks dump made pretty obvious.

Sarandon has long been an ardent supporter of Sanders. She stood up for him during the Nevada caucus and feuded with Debra Messing over the Bern, and she’s not letting go yet. In fact, people noticed how unhappy Sarandon looked as he insisted that Hillary Clinton must be president. She miserably shook her head in disbelief at the surrounding applause.

Sarandon caught wind of this buzz and took to Twitter with a simple message: “Accurate.” Perhaps she hoped Sanders would pull a Ted Cruz, but no dice.